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Turkey to renew emergency rule for fifth time as clampdown on Gulen movement continues

Turkey’s Reccep Tayyip Erdogan will bein another 90-day state of emergency today

Photo: AFP

In place since July 2016, Turkey’s state of emergency was due to expire today, but has been extended for an additional 90 days; this is the state of emergency’s fifth extension.

The move was justified as necessary to fight terror organisations. The focus of an unrelenting crackdown, the Gulen movement, referred to by Ankara as Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), is accused of orchestrating last years failed coup attempt.

Two US consulate employees have been caught up in the latest round of arrests. Both are Turkish nationals and stand accused of liaising with FETO leadership. The US has rebuked the claims and suspended the processing of visa applications. A US envoy arrived in Ankara this week to resolve the dispute, but it has yet to make any headway.

A US deal to supply weapons to Syria’s Kurds and the refusal to extradite FETO leader Fethullah Gulen has frustrated Ankara. The current spat has added to Turkey’s antipathy towards the West and will only complicate future cooperation in Syria and Iraq.

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