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UN Security Council to debate peacekeeping mission to Ukraine a day after the US purportedly approves lethal defensive weapons


Today, Ukrainian President Poroshenko will give a speech in New York requesting a UN peacekeeping mission to help resolve the three-year-long conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s Security Council veto made such a mission impossible for years but in a surprise turn on September 5, Russia introduced a draft resolution supporting the move.

However, American and Ukrainian representatives insist that any mission must include peacekeepers stationed throughout the conflict zone, all the way up to the border with Russia.

The debate comes a day after the US Senate allocated $500 million in lethal defensive arms for Ukraine as part of the National Defence Authorization Act, which passed by an 89-8 margin and will almost certainly become law.

Despite predictions that Trump would embrace a pro-Russian foreign policy, his stance on Ukraine is considerably more hawkish than that of President Obama, who sought to block arms sales. Between potential assistance from both the US and the UN, Mr Poroshenko is redoubling his efforts to put down the rebels and expel Russian influence from his country.

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