• Iran mourns Rafsanjani

    Iran mourns Rafsanjani0

    Hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the streets on Tuesday to mourn the death of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who died of a heart attack on Sunday. A supporter of current centrist President Hassan Rouhani, Rafsanjani ­was a regime loyalist, but one who pushed back against the hardline approach adopted by many. As

  • Elections in Iran: putting the brakes on reform

    Elections in Iran: putting the brakes on reform0

    As elections loom, powerful conservative elements move to slow the pace of change.

  • Iran In 2016

    Iran In 20160

    As divisions emerge over improving relations with the West, Tehran will become increasingly polarised.

  • Middle East & North Africa In 2016

    Middle East & North Africa In 20160

    The geopolitical rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran will drive regional developments in 2016.

  • Oil Prices In 2016

    Oil Prices In 20160

    As Iran resumes large-scale exports and OPEC fails to limit production, oil will remain cheap in 2016.

  • Turkey In 2016

    Turkey In 20161

    Concerned about developments on its southern border, Turkey will adopt a more assertive stance towards the Syrian and possibly engage in a limited intervention.