• Saturday, February 24

    Saturday, February 240

    EGYPTIAN ELECTION Presidential campaign begins despite lack of serious opposition   Few will take much notice when Egypt’s presidential campaign

  • Friday, February 23

    Friday, February 230

    DJIBOUTI POLITICS Legislative elections held in Djibouti Djiboutians will head to the polls today to elect a new legislature; all

  • Thursday, February 22

    Thursday, February 220

    BANGLADESHI POLITICS Zia conviction leaves opposition leadership void Today, protests demanding the release of Bangladeshi opposition leader Khaleda Zia are

  • Wednesday, February 21

    Wednesday, February 210

    SOUTH AFRICA’S ECONOMY 2018 budget revealed as Ramaphosa takes the reins South Africa’s finance minister will present the 2018 budget

  • Tuesday, February 20

    Tuesday, February 200

    GERMAN POLITICS Odds of CDU minority government shorten as SPD begins coalition vote The deeply divided membership of the Social

  • Monday, February 19

    Monday, February 190

    RUSSIA IN THE MIDDLE EAST Top advisors attend conference on Russia’s Middle East policy Along with a top Syrian presidential