Geopoltical forecast 2018

Will Syria finally find peace? Can Britain get its way with the European Union? Is the crisis on the Korean peninsula a game changer for US-China relations? Can the Democrats reclaim control of Congress?

Get the edge on the world in 2018 with Foreign Brief’s annual forecast. Compiled by experts from around the world, this is your one-stop-shop for insights into the most pressing geopolitical developments facing the global system in the coming year.


Expect tension and conflict to increase within and between many Asian nations in 2018.

Migration, elections, terrorism and separatism – Africa has a lot in store for it in 2018.

Elections and trade will dominate the geopolitical discourse in the Americas in 2018.

Europe’s policymakers will have their hands full with Brexit, populism, nationalism and EU reform.

Russian politics and foreign policy will take centre stage for in 2018.

As the Syrian civil war continues to wind down, expect the regional power struggle to heat up.