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The battle for the UN’s top job

The race to become the world’s top diplomat is heating up. Who will clinch the job?

Weekly Briefing: September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26 Colombian government signs a peace deal with the FARC to end 52-year…

China’s two-speed economy: strategic implications

The increasing disparity between different economic sectors and the regions they call home is a major challenge for Beijing.

Italy’s referendum: a leader under pressure

PM Renzi staked his career on the vote. Now he’s backtracking in a bid to save his reform agenda…and his career

Weekly Briefing: September 19, 2016

A court ruling with political implications in Brazil, pressure on free trade deals in Europe, and a historic vote in Somalia

Duma elections: distressed or dynamic?

Two times as many parties will contest Sunday’s vote than in 2011, but don’t expect any surprises

Normalising Japan: rearming or alarming?

As PM Abe pushes for constitutional reforms to let Japan rearm, what are Tokyo’s true intentions?

North vs. South: a divided Europe

The emerging EuroMed alliance is seeking to pressure Brussels into altering course

Weekly Briefing: September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12 Vietnam’s PM visits China for the first time during his term The…

Pressure building: what next for ISIS?

Analysts say the group’s demise is imminent; how will ISIS respond to territory losses in Iraq and Syria?