Libya's political violence
Libya’s political violence, explained

Fighting in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli marked the worst bout of violence in Libya…

Libyan Constitution Meeting UN
UN Hosts Libyan Draft Constitution Meeting

Heads of Libya’s two houses of parliament, the House of Representatives and the High Council…

Libya’s constitutional disagreements continue

Talks on Libyan constitutional disagreements are expected to conclude in Cairo today. Libya has undertaken…

Libyan House of Representatives to select new Prime Minister

Libya’s House of Representatives is set to select a replacement for Interim Prime Minister Abdul…

Europe In 2016

The absence of a common vision among EU member states will continue to undermine the Union.

Middle East & North Africa In 2016

The geopolitical rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran will drive regional developments in 2016.

Oil Prices In 2016

As Iran resumes large-scale exports and OPEC fails to limit production, oil will remain cheap in 2016.

The United States In 2016

In an election year, the US will face a bold Kremlin, fractious Middle East and assertive China.