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Turkey to host Afghanistan peace summit


Turkey to host Afghanistan peace summit

Photo: Office of the President of Afghanistan

Turkey will host an Afghanistan peace summit today that will run through May 4th.

Ahead of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan beginning on May 1st, the summit will include the UN, Qatar and a possible Taliban delegation. The aim of the summit is to sketch out a possible settlement for the Afghan government post-US withdrawal. Originally slated for May 1st by former president Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has announced that a full US troop withdrawal will be complete by the 20th anniversary of September 11th, a key requirement to keeping the ceasefire deal intact.

The Afghan government is facing an existential crisis as Washington has kept its fragile state intact, especially with the US Air Force which has been critical for military operations in the country. More troubling, Taliban attacks have only increased since its deal with the US. Presently, the Taliban controls an estimated 20% of the country compared to the 33% under government control. Thus, an inclusive Taliban-Afghan constitutional process may begin from the current talks, with major political ramifications for Afghanistan’s vulnerable populations, especially women. Nevertheless, as both sides continue to debate the role of Islam within a new government, it is unlikely that the two sides will form a cohesive government in the medium-term.

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