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African Seed Trade Congress to Conclude


African Seed Trade Congress to Conclude

African Seed Trade Congress – Photo: CIMMYT

The 22nd Congress of the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) will conclude today in Tunisia.

AFSTA is a non-profit organization that lobbies for the private seed trade in Africa, promoting food security on the continent. The conference serves as an opportunity to promote AFSTA goods and services to Congress delegates.

The Tunisian government has recently been receptive to the integration of seed harvest, introducing a more sustainable model of agriculture to the national economy. This is likely due to challenges resulting from climate change—namely variations in rainfall, temperature, and humidity—that have caused diseases to spread through crops. Seeds are genetically disposed to the region and are therefore more resistant to the rising temperatures in Tunisia than other crops. Tunisia launched the Regional Seed Harmonization Implementation Plan, integrating legislation that enhances seed production, reliability, and trade across the continent.

Nearly three-quarters of global crop diversity has disappeared, particularly in Africa where climate change has had the most effect. The expansion of the seed industry could lead to regional economic stimulation and an agricultural competitive advantage for Tunisia. Expect more Tunisian investment in the seed agriculture industry, especially as recent laws have been most favorable for private investors.

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