Algeria’s Confederation of Trade Unions to hold national demonstrations

trade union algeria
Photo: Ryad Kramdi/AFP

Algerians will take to the streets today in a nationwide strike in demand of an independent and impartial judicial system ahead of the December 12 presidential elections.

Following the resignation of longtime President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algerians have called for a new political system that respects civil liberties, is more democratic and prioritises freedom of assembly and expression. The protests have united Algerians from all social backgrounds, with the ultimate goal being the uprooting of oligarchic influence from domestic politics—demonstrators seek a new political arrangement, with leaders unaffected by the power of the oligarchy.

The state is unlikely to bow to protesters’ demands by further opening the political space for free and fair elections in the short term. A crackdown on protests can be expected, with the government likely to arrest overt dissenters and use force to maintain stability. The government will push forward with the decision to hold elections on December 12, though this will not see the protests subside. Instead, this march will further embolden the public to step up their efforts in getting their way, with further protests to be expected in November, paving the way for a possible postponement of elections.

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