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Argentina to hold midterm vote


Argentina to hold midterm vote

Photo: Matias Baglietto/Reuters

Argentinians head to the polls today to vote in legislative midterm elections.

President Alberto Fernandez and the ruling center-left coalition led by the Frente de Todos party face a decisive moment in which they may lose the majority control of seats in the Senate. In September’s primary election, citizens’ disappointment with the government’s handling of COVID-19 and the economy were reflected in the opposition polling stronger than Frente de Todos in Buenos Aires and across the country. The opposition obtained 40.5% of the vote in the Chamber of Deputies and 44.4% in the Senate compared to Frente de Todos’ 31.3% and 28.6% in the chambers, respectively.

The government enacted certain economic relief efforts plans to try and buy back the population’s trust ahead of midterm elections, but results will likely follow September’s primary elections. Losing their majority in the Senate, Fernandez and the Frente de Todos will likely become a lame duck government for the remainder of the term, unable to pass new legislation and change policy. Additionally, the opposition, which will narrow the margin of Frente de Todos’ control in the Chamber of Deputies, will be poised to take control in 2023, when presidential elections will be held.

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