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Argentina to reopen borders with Chile and Uruguay


Argentina to reopen borders with Chile and Uruguay

Argentina Border
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The Argentinian government will today reopen borders with Chile and Uruguay following a relaxation in nationwide coronavirus-related restrictions.

Argentina’s Immigration Department announced that travelers are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon entering the country or present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to travel. By maintaining safety protocols, officials hope to increase tourism to Argentina in the coming months. This new policy comes even as concerns for the Delta variant increase.

In mid-August, Argentina reached 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 and a grassroots memorial to honor the victims acted as a forum for protest against President Alberto Fernández’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, opposition members introduced impeachment proceedings, but success is unlikely given Fernández’s Peronist party’s majority in the Senate.

While citizens expressed discontent over the government response to COVID-19, the deleterious economic effects of restrictions are also a grave concern. Argentina’s economy contracted 10% in 2020, the third straight year of recession. President Fernández will address his low approval ratings by redirecting focus from the pandemic to strengthening the economy.  Despite the current unrest, Argentina’s political atmosphere is considered stable ahead of the November midterm elections due to the strength of the two primary political coalitions.

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