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Argentinian President’s Visit to Ecuador Postponed


Argentinian President’s Visit to Ecuador Postponed

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Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez postponed a visit to Ecuador originally scheduled to conclude today.

The visit was intended to reignite bilateral talks amid heightened political tensions. In March, Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry recalled its ambassador to Argentina following comments from the Argentine President criticizing Ecuador’s former President Lenin Moreno for his role in the former Vice-President’s resignation.

Since assuming the presidency of Ecuador in April, Guillermo Lasso has attempted to build stronger regional ties, focusing on addressing security, trade and bilateral cooperation. Notably, Lasso met with Mexico President López Obrador to promote a free trade agreement and express interest in joining the Pacific Alliance, indicating his desire to cooperate internationally.

It is expected Lasso and Fernandez will cooperate to restore their country’s relationship. Given their mutual interest in repairing regional relations, a direct meeting is likely to happen in the short-term. The two countries will be much more open to negotiating a trade agreement given their economic outlook. An agreement is likely to address investment and trade provisions, as well as COVID-19 recovery plans. Expect both governments to work towards improving dialogoue in the medium-term, as discussion will likely focus on the economic impact of the coronavirus and promoting regional cooperation.

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