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ASEAN Centre for Energy’s Renewable Energy Sub-Sector Network to meet virtually


ASEAN Centre for Energy’s Renewable Energy Sub-Sector Network to meet virtually

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The 28th annual meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Center for Energy’s Renewable Energy Sub-Sector Network (RE-SSN) will begin today; hosted virtually by Cambodia, the network will meet through May 6.

RE-SSN helps to keep states on track and in compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement and ASEAN’s sustainable development goals, including a target for 23% of the group’s energy to come from sustainable, renewable sources by 2025. ASEAN’s total power generation will double by 2025 given the bloc’s current development rate. Likewise, overall energy demands are set to grow by nearly 50% between 2014 and 2025. An increase in renewables is critical–although ASEAN is a growing coal producer, some bloc members still lack sufficient native resources and infrastructure to meet growing energy demand, and existing renewable power infrastructure is not evenly distributed across states.

Achieving ASEAN’s 23% renewables goal will prove challenging, given the regional propensity for fossil fuels and the projected growth in energy demand. Expect RE-SSN to push for greater integration of renewables into the ASEAN Power Grid project to utilize existing infrastructure more effectively. Recommendations for more easily facilitating multilateral power trade would also help offset members lagging in sustainable energy development.

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