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Audi to Launch First Electric Vehicle Charging Hub


Audi to Launch First Electric Vehicle Charging Hub

Audi Hub
Photo: InsideEVs

Audi will open its first electric vehicle charging hub today at a pilot site in Nuremberg.

The opening marks a major step in Audi’s new electrification strategy—Vorsprung 2030which looks to equip all new car models with electric drive systems by 2026 while gradually phasing out internal combustion engines by 2033.

The electric car industry has attracted more than $100 billion in investment since 2020. The EU announced plans to effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 in August, while several countries have already announced an end to internal combustion engine sales by 2030.

Audi registered a significant increase in demand for its electric vehicle models in 2020 as global sales rose by 79.5%. In turn, Audi will likely open more electric hub networks in the short-term to cater to the increase in demand. Expect consumer behavior to gradually shift towards adopting alternative and more sustainable transport modes in the long-term, especially as countries aim to adopt net-zero emissions by 2050. It is highly likely that Europe will electrify the fastest and remain a global leader in electric vehicle market share in the medium-term.

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