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Biden to Attend NATO Summit


Biden to Attend NATO Summit

Biden to Attend NATO Summit
Photo: CNBC

US President Joe Biden will attend an extraordinary NATO summit in Brussels today to hold talks with European leaders.

The call for the summit came shortly after Washington approved a bill to send 15 billion dollars of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In today’s meeting, the leaders are set to discuss possible scenarios to collectively deal with Russian aggression. The leaders will also suggest plans to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine which has displaced millions of civilians.

NATO’s policy moving forward will be to increase its solidarity with the Eastern flank of the alliance by assisting their defensive positions and proving aid amidst the refugee crisis. With this initiative, the NATO also aims to send a message of solidarity against Russian aggression, hoping to force Moscow to withdraw its threats to neighboring countries. Several reports estimate the number of refugees at approximately three million. Most are being sheltered  by neighboring states—most notably Poland and Romania.

In the short-term, expect the US and several other wealthy NATO members to aid such Eastern European states with the aim of providing better conditions for Ukrainian refugees. In this context, all aid provided will likely be spent on setting up refugee camps and shelters.

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