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Bolivian Regional Governor to Testify in Ex-President’s Trial


Bolivian Regional Governor to Testify in Ex-President’s Trial

Jeanine Anez
Photo: teleSUR

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho will testify in former Bolivian President Jeanine Añez’s trial today.

The conservative Añez was arrested seven months ago on charges of participating in a coup to oust former Bolivian President Evo Morales, terrorism, and alleged genocide against Morales’ supporters. Añez has called the trial politically motivated, as sitting President Luis Arce is a longtime political ally of Morales.

Governor Camacho, a leading member of the conservative opposition, played a major role in Morales’ removal from office. He led protests following the 2019 election, which international observers from the Organization of American States said was tampered with by Morales to avoid a run-off.

Morales ultimately resigned and fled the country after the Bolivian military pushed him to step down, following which Añez was installed as president by the Bolivian legislature. After a controversial year in office, Añez stepped down for early elections.

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Expect Camacho to vehemently deny the premise of the trial on the stand. He will likely accuse the judiciary of political bias, partly motivated by increasing his own political stature. A guilty verdict in the trial would deal a major blow to the reconciliation process in Bolivia and likely lead to mass protests.

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