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Brexit white paper to be released after resignation from hard Brexiteers


Brexit white paper to be released after resignation from hard Brexiteers

brexit white paper
brexit white paper
Photo: Reuters

The British government will release its highly anticipated Brexit white paper today, just days after the resignations of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Last Friday, PM Theresa May put forward her so-called “third way” compromise proposal. Under the proposal, the UK would politically dissociate itself with the EU but would seek unfettered access to the European single market and customs union.

Johnson and Davis resigned in direct response to Ms May’s proposal, which they claim deviates from the original intention of Brexit. Their so-called “hard Brexit” approach would have coupled a political divorce from the EU with a trade divorce, which would have provided London with more leeway when negotiating future bilateral trade deals in the future

While PM May’s ‘third way’ plan was meant to appease both hard Brexiteers and those who want a softer exit, it appears to have enraged many of Brexiteers. If the prime minister loses enough support from her own party, the risk of her government collapsing will rise significantly.

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