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British prime minister to recall parliament


British prime minister to recall parliament

Johnson to recall parliament
Photo: Leigh Gray/MoD

The British parliament will be recalled today to discuss the evacuation of British nationals from Afghanistan amid the devolving Afghan security situation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the parliament recalled from its summer recess on Sunday, following the Taliban’s seizure of Kabul and the subsequent collapse of the US-backed Afghan government.

Expect today’s discussions to lead to an agreement to provide short-term humanitarian relief to Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. Nonetheless, the UK will likely avoid a commitment to accepting large numbers of refugees.

The Taliban will likely allow British nationals and other Westerners to leave Afghanistan unimpeded, as a contested exit would likely trigger another air campaign against Taliban forces. The group has claimed that it will oversee a peaceful exchange of power and participate in negotiations on government formation. However, as it consolidates control over Afghanistan in the weeks ahead, large-scale violence against Afghans connected to the US-backed government, ethnic minorities and women is near-certain. Western states are expected to withhold formal recognition of the Taliban and condemn renewed violence. Yet the Taliban is unlikely to be moved by such actions, instead seeking external legitimacy and support from states including Pakistan, Iran and Russia to mitigate its international isolation.

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