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Canadian parliament to reconvene in the wake of September’s snap elections


Canadian parliament to reconvene in the wake of September’s snap elections

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The 44th Parliament will convene in Canada today following a snap election held in September.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau achieved a narrow victory in the early elections, but lacks a clear mandate as his Liberal Party fell short of achieving the 170 seats that would constitute a majority. Many Canadians critiqued the need for elections in the midst of the pandemic and rallied around opposition leader Erin O’Toole. Trudeau must now tackle issues including rising inflation, labor shortages, and ongoing social and economic impacts of COVID-19 while facing growing political polarization.

In an effort to secure Canada’s economic interests and increase domestic support, Trudeau met with US President Joe Biden and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico in Washington this week, marking the first North American leaders’ summit in five years. However, disagreements over cross-border trade were not addressed, leading to criticism  of Trudeau’s inability to advocate for Canadian interests.

The 44th Parliament will likely face a deadlock as the Liberal and Conservative parties vie to gain public support over an economic recovery plan and other issues including gun control and abortion rights. Achieving a favorable trade deal with the US will be essential to Trudeau’s continued political success.

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