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Chadian Human Rights Association to march


Chadian Human Rights Association to march

Photo: Reuters

The Chadian Association for the Defense of Human Rights and Development (ATDDHD) will hold a peaceful march today.

Chad has faced political turmoil in recent weeks since President Idiss Deby was killed by militants. Deby was replaced with a transitional military council headed by his son—Mahamat Idriss Deby—to rule until next year’s elections. Today’s protests are aimed at this unconstitutional military rule.

President Deby ruled the country for over three decades before his death in April. His efforts to combat extremism brought stability to Western Africa while also strengthening Chad’s military’s might. However, his power began to wane in part due to poorly allocated oil wealth. After his death, his former allies quickly moved to consolidate power fearing the opposition would gain power in a constitutional transition.

The ATDDHD’s march will most likely call for a return to constitutional rule. Expect the authorities to respond with force, likely under the pretext that violence had occurred. In the short-term, the junta will continue to suppress opposition as it consolidates political power.  In the medium-term, they will likely rig elections to remain in charge, continuing Deby’s policies of fighting extremism and increasing oil production to access resource wealth.

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