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China to hold World Health Exposition in Wuhan


China to hold World Health Exposition in Wuhan

Photo: Reuters/Stringer

The 3rd World Health Expo will begin today in Wuhan, the capital city of China’s Hubei province.

At the two-day convention, attendees will advertise modern therapeutic equipment to healthcare facilities and appeal for capital funding from large businesses. The World Health Expo, a government-operated commission, forms an integral part of the Chinese Communist Party’s healthcare reform. With this strategic project, China aims to advance the country’s healthcare system within the context of the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s “Healthy Chinaagenda.

The convention highlights Beijing’s push to expand its nationwide healthcare model and become a leading actor in the global healthcare industry. Expect the convention to broaden primary healthcare centres’ access to improved medical technology across China. Centres that implement scientific knowledge in their research will particularly benefit. In the long term, China aims to attract more international investment in technological healthcare operations such as remote monitoring and management processing systems.

To become a leader in the COVID-19 vaccination race, China will urge countries to boost their Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccine purchases. Beijing will continue increasing its contribution to global health during the pandemic, as previous endeavours to treat outbreaks such as Ebola suggest so.

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