Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Turkey

Chinese fm Turkey
Photo: Greg Baker/ Reuters

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Turkey today to meet with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu.

The two nations have enjoyed a relatively close relationship following Turkey’s recent shift in position regarding China’s human rights abuses and US-designated genocide of Uyghur Muslims. Earlier this month, Turkish police cracked down on protesters demonstrating against the situation in Xinjiang.

Improved commercial ties between Beijing and Ankara also indicate that bilateral cooperation is likely to be augmented in the coming days. To this end, Turkey is among the countries that have purchased Chinese COVID-19 vaccines.

Despite a minor concern due to a delay of the vaccine, Ankara will adopt a welcoming policy towards Beijing. Beijing in turn, wants to ensure that Ankara’s policies are in line with Chinese interests, especially on the Uyghur issue. In today’s meeting, ministers are prepared to discuss the possibility of increasing mutual trade in the near future. Struggling with a nationwide currency crisis caused by economic mismanagement and the current government’s alienation from the West, expect Ankara to move towards Beijing. Expanding partnership will also benefit China in the long-term as it aims to use the Belt and Road Initiative to establish a strong foothold in the Middle East.

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