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Collective Security Treaty Organization to conclude sessions in Tajikistan


Collective Security Treaty Organization to conclude sessions in Tajikistan

Photo: Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Defense Ministers Council will conclude its session today in Dushanbe.

The Eurasian intergovernmental organization is a defense pact of six post-Soviet states which coordinate security and military cooperation. In today’s meeting, attendees will highlight the necessity of maintaining strategic partnership amongst members and increasing joint military drills. It will also serve as a crucial platform for Russia to execute its political agenda as Moscow desires to consolidate its regional influence. By solidifying the organization’s framework, Moscow aims to strengthen its hand regarding recent developments in Ukraine.

Expect enhanced CSTO engagement concerning cybersecurity and defense exercises in the short term. To counter Turkey’s growing geopolitical influence in Central Asia, Moscow plans to induce CSTO members to approve further Russian troop and equipment deployment to bases hosting Russian soldiers. Additionally, Moscow will also implement CSTO principles to increase collaboration between Russia and the former Soviet states. In this respect, Moscow’s ambitions to design a more powerful and compact CSTO will serve its interest of challenging future NATO expansion into Eastern Europe.

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