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Consultation for the 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention


Consultation for the 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention

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A pre-congress consultation for the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice will take place in Japan today before the official session begins tomorrow. The congress aims to reach agreements on recommendations made on all procedural and organisational matters such as the election of a president and adoption of the rules of procedure to be addressed at the congress’s opening.

The 14th Congress will be scheduled in a hybrid format. It will discuss four agenda topics: comprehensive strategies for crime prevention, addressing challenges facing criminal justice, governments’ multidimensional approaches to promoting the rule of law, and international cooperation to prevent all forms of crime, specifically the protection of women and children.

Member states will likely adopt a joint declaration, an input to the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice’s policymaking process. However, disagreements on various issues, including whether and how to include gender-related issues and cybercrime in the international legal framework, still persist. To conclude a declaration in which controversial issues are not just fleetingly mentioned, expect the congress and the commission to bridge different national priorities through accelerating exchanges in research, law and policymaking.

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