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Cuban opposition group Archipelago to hold protests


Cuban opposition group Archipelago to hold protests

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Cuban opposition group Archipelago—founded by artist Yunio Garcia—will hold national protests today in Havana and six other provinces.

Today’s protests follow historic unrest in July when thousands of Cubans took to the streets to demand an end to food shortages and high living costs. At the time, the Cuban government responded with unnecessary force, drawing condemnation from international human rights groups.

Prior to today’s civil action, the Cuban government ran a national television campaign accusing the US of sponsoring the opposition movement. The US Department of State responded with a statement of support for the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly of the Cuban people.

Protestors today will likely face arrest, detention and attack by the Cuban military. However, the opposition was not thwarted in July and may use the government’s authoritarian response as a rallying cry for their movement.

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Despite threats from President Miguel Diaz-Canal, the opposition is now firmly established in Cuba and will continue organizing for civil rights and a higher quality of life for Cubans, drawing greater attention from the international community. Expect to see a response from the US, who applied additional sanctions on the Cuban government following July’s protests.

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