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Deadline to Submit Designs to Togo Cybersecurity Contest


Deadline to Submit Designs to Togo Cybersecurity Contest

Africa Cybersecurity
Photo: Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

Applicants have until today to submit their entries into Togo’s National Cybersecurity Agency logo design contest.

Established in 2019, the new Agency is part of Togo’s national strategy to combat cybercrime and develop secure information and communication technologies for their digital industries. The Togolese parliament also recently ratified the Malabo Convention of Cybersecurity, which provides the tools necessary to boost cybersecurity, and establish Togo as the digital and logistics hub of West-Africa.

Cybercrime is particularly rampant in West-Africa where banks, the primary targets, are severely under-protected. It is estimated that merely 6% of bank cyberattacks are detected by security staff, and even fewer are successfully combatted.

In the short to medium term, expect the success of the Agency to contribute to strengthened cybersecurity throughout the West-African region, which will protect weaknesses in critical infrastructure, companies, citizens and administrators.

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In the longer-term, expect increased interest and investment from international great powers into West-African cybersecurity forces – a necessary move for any power which seeks to exert influence and control over the region. The United States, for one, actively seeks to cement their interest and presence in the region in efforts to counter: violent extremism, authoritarianism, and malign Chinese and Russian influences.

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