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Dutch Government to Reintroduce Mask Mandate


Dutch Government to Reintroduce Mask Mandate

Dutch Masks
Photo: Eva Plevier/Reuters

The Dutch government is re-imposing measures, including the wearing of face masks and expanding the use of the “corona pass” today. Case numbers have risen in the Netherlands over the past month after social distancing measures were scrapped in late September.

The new rules are aimed at slowing the latest spike in COVID-19 infections and will require citizens to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. The pass will be mandatory for most high-flow venues. While many have accepted the new measures, there were some anti-vaccine mandate protests in several cities in response to the government’s announcement. However, these protests are not significant enough to change the corona pass mandate.

With nearly 84% of the adult population vaccinated, the Netherlands follows other European countries in bringing back pandemic restrictions. If the Netherlands can’t lower its infection rate, the government will likely pave the way for employers to require their staff to submit a valid coronavirus pass to show up to work. Some worry these measures will affect the economy, although the Dutch economy grew by 3.1% in the second quarter of 2021, rebounding from the pandemic.

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