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Ecuadorian electoral primary deadline arrives amid mounting political frustration


Ecuadorian electoral primary deadline arrives amid mounting political frustration

Moreno Correa
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Today is the deadline for Ecuadorian political parties to submit candidate lists for presidential and parliamentary nominees to the electoral commission ahead of the 2021 election.

Many in the country have criticised incumbent President Lenin Moreno for shifting away from his promised social and public welfare projects, policy changes that have seriously hampered the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response. Moreno’s predecessor, former president Rafael Correa, recently announced that he will run as Adres Arauz’s vice president as part of the new left-wing coalition Union for Hope. Regardless, ongoing investigations by the current administration surrounding allegations of corruption in the Correa government could hinder the ex-president’s VP candidacy.

The Ecuadorian public has been speaking out against Moreno’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a charged political atmosphere in the lead up to the 2021 elections. The administration’s failure to provide for unemployed workers and struggling businesses has given left-wing parties a serious boost; should Correa’s new coalition come to power in February, expect a shift back to popular social policies and welfare programs. Moreover, if the Moreno administration continues its attempt to block Correa’s campaign, there is potential for new protests, political unrest and a renewed, violent police crackdown.

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