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Ecuador’s state of emergency to expire today


Ecuador’s state of emergency to expire today

Ecuador’s state of emergency expires today.

Ecuadorian president Daniel Noboa declared a state of emergency in January following the escape of cartel leader Jose Adolfo Macias. In recent months, Ecuador has grappled with a spike in violence tied to drug trafficking.

The recent spike in organized crime has led to two massacres resulting in 80 murders in three days. In response the government led an investigation into organized crime and arrested judges, lawyers and police allegedly involved in helping criminals to avoid punitive action. Ecuador’s overcrowded prisons also see clashes between rival gangs, with over 400 deaths since 2021.

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The recent violence and corruption in Ecuador has had major diplomatic implications for the South American country, especially with Mexico City’s recent decision to sever diplomatic ties with Quito. In the near term, expect the state of emergency to be extended further as Ecuador grapples with continued cartel violence. These efforts, however, will be obstructed by corruption in the legal system which has allowed cartel bosses and others to act with impunity. Neighboring states with similar positions to Ecuador on crime are likely to maintain diplomatic ties with Ecuador while ties with Colombia – led by left-wing president Gustavo Petro – may deterorate.

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