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Egypt and the UK to conclude joint military exercise


Egypt and the UK to conclude joint military exercise

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Photo: UK MoD

Egypt and the UK will today conclude a five-day joint military drill.

The naval drills, titled “T-1”, comprise part of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s ongoing military reform efforts aimed at bolstering Egypt’s military relations with allies. The drills have allowed Egypt to enhance its own naval capabilities, particularly by honing new capabilities in amphibious and counter-marine threat operations, among others.

In addition to its T-1 exercises with the UK, Egypt has held joint exercises with France, Spain, and Russia and has most recently sought to establish joint relations with Sudan and Germany. Against a backdrop of regional challenges—such as Turkey’s assertive stance in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Libyan civil war, as well as Ethiopia’s filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile—Egypt’s military has become increasingly crucial for al-Sisi, particularly as a deterrent force. In the near term, expect Egypt to continue expanding alliances with its military partners and developing new relationships in an effort to expand its role as a regional power.

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