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ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference to begin


ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference to begin

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The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) will hold its cybersecurity certification conference today in Brussels as a virtual event.

ENISA is dedicated to ensuring multilateral cybersecurity cooperation and standardisation throughout the EU. Most recently, the agency along with the European Commission presented the EU’s latest cybersecurity strategy as well as the establishment of the first EU-wide cybersecurity certification framework under the EU Cybersecurity Act.

The new cybersecurity regime aims at market driven certification schemes for connected devices that compose the “Internet of things”. The framework will help reduce fragmentation between various existing national schemes in EU member states. Currently, companies must certify their information and communications technology (ICT) products in several member states if they plan to market them across the EU, which is costly for companies and inefficient for the Digital Single Market.

Expect today’s conference to provide updates on future certification schemes and implementation. As the certification is not mandatory, it is expected that the framework’s objectives will be met only if ICT manufacturers and providers choose to make full use of it. Further discussions are expected on horizontal requirements for European cybersecurity certification schemes to be recognized and used across all Member States.

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