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EU leaders meet to discuss COVID-19 exit strategy


EU leaders meet to discuss COVID-19 exit strategy

EU leaders meeting
AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

EU leaders will meet today via video conference to discuss Europe’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the fourth video meeting of its kind.

After the third conference call, members of the European Council agreed that the bloc requires a coordinated recovery plan and post-pandemic strategy that includes significant internal investment. Leaders have since begun working on a roadmap and action plan to ensure the well-being of all Europeans and to bring the EU back to strong, sustainable and inclusive growth, based on a green and digital strategy.

The “green” strategy would be particularly compelling. It would signify a pointed turn toward a more climate-neutral economy while also rebuilding the bloc financially. With France proposing a €500 billion recovery package and nearly 180 politicians from Germany to Greece pledging support for green investment, this is a rare opportunity for Europe to realign its focal points and position itself toward zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as planned.

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