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European Commission to outline proposal for EU cybersecurity strategy


European Commission to outline proposal for EU cybersecurity strategy

Photo: European Union

European Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager is set to present the EU’s new cybersecurity strategy today.

The new strategy aims to prepare the EU for future cyber threats through forward-looking horizontal legislation, cutting across different subjects of the cyber realm. Focus areas include threat response capacity, enhanced EU cooperation, and common standards.

The development of a new cyber strategy has important implications for future EU security. This new strategy is expected to decrease vulnerability by raising public awareness of threats and implementing security through design features that preclude hardware and software flaws while increasing defensive training in cyber-warfare units.

Online threats from foreign countries, notably Russia, are predicted to grow as remote work weakens EU cyberspace, creating more targets and vulnerabilities. The cyber realm plays an increasingly important role in Russia’s hybrid warfare model, as its actions against Ukraine, Norway, and Germany have shown. Thus, current preventative measures are vital for the bloc’s future wellbeing.

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