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European lawmakers seek to pass resolution outlining their Brexit wishes


European lawmakers seek to pass resolution outlining their Brexit wishes

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The European Parliament will vote on a resolution outlining the EU’s post-Brexit relationship with the United Kingdom.

The resolution, put forward by the Brexit Steering Committee, envisions an “association agreement,” which committee head Guy Verhofstadt says would be “more ambitious” than a simple trade deal. In addition to trade, it would cover foreign policy and security, including defence cooperation and data sharing between policing agencies.

Regardless, Mr Verhofstadt has made clear that Britain should be denied the full benefits of the single market and customs union if it leaves them following Brexit; such privileges include London’s ability to supervise UK financial services in the EU. The resolution also endorses the European Commission’s position on Northern Ireland, setting up the Irish border as a sticking point for the parliament as well as the Commission. Such positions will likely cause consternation in London.

Today’s vote may not have an immediate impact on negotiations, which are the provenance of the Commission. However, MEPs will vote on the final withdrawal deal, meaning negotiators must heed their wishes if they want easy passage.

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