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General Assembly of International Solar Alliance to conclude


General Assembly of International Solar Alliance to conclude

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The fourth General Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) will conclude today.

The 124 member states of the intergovernmental organization are committed to increasing their solar power consumption while greatly reducing their reliance on non-renewable energy. In today’s meeting, the attendees will discuss ways to improve solar panel technology and widen global access to solar equipment.

Seeing that the membership cadre of the ISA will likely expand with new nations such as Israel joining, expect the UN to grant permanent observer status to the ISA in the short- to medium-term. This will benefit the ISA’s endeavors as the organization will be able to better cooperate with other environmentalist UN bodies—like the UN Environment Program (UNEP)—to jointly tackle climate change. France and India—the organization’s founders—will also benefit as they have thus far struggled to convince poorer member states to fund expensive solar projects.

In the long-term, the organization will succeed in constructing more solar panels in remote suburban areas of developing member-states typically located in the tropics considering that solar energy is the cheapest renewable energy. This will likely enable the organization to hit its goal of reducing carbon emission intensity by 33-35% in 2030.

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