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Ghanaian central government to conduct census of Ashanti


Ghanaian central government to conduct census of Ashanti

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The Population and Housing Census for Ghana’s Ashanti Region will commence today.

Ashanti is Ghana’s most populous region and is known for its gold and cocoa production. The census will target the region’s 6 million inhabitants and will be vital for determining the size, shape and number of the region’s constituencies. The census also establishes a baseline for the country’s socio-economic planning and provides updates about the status of health, education and sanitation in the region.

While the census’ immediate impact will be minimal, expect the census’ role in determining the makeup and structure of the region’s constituencies to be crucial to the results of the next Ghanaian Parliamentary election in 2024. The 275-seat Parliament is currently split evenly between the two major parties, the center-left National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the center-right New Patriotic Party (NPP), with the remaining seat being held by an independent, leading to legislative gridlock. While Ashanti is an NPP stronghold, the results within its changing constituencies will very likely tip the balance of Ghana’s Parliament in favor of either the NDC or NPP in the 2024 elections and will heavily influence the president’s ability to advance their legislative agenda.

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