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Indonesian parliamentary delegation to visit Tunisia


Indonesian parliamentary delegation to visit Tunisia

Indonesia-Tunisian Relations
Photo: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tunis

Today, a delegation of 19 Indonesian parliamentary members will arrive for a four-day visit to Tunisia to revitalise inter-parliamentary diplomacy.

As two influential Muslim-majority democracies, Tunisia and Indonesia share a mutual interest in developing closer relations. Indonesia sees Tunisia as an economic gateway into Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and Tunisia sees Indonesia as the link to Southeast Asia. On January 8, Tunis Minister of Foreign Affairs Othman Jerandi met with Indonesian Ambassador Ikrar Nusa Bhakti to discuss the need to boost bilateral economic, commercial and educational relations.

This is likely the first of a series of parliamentary delegation exchanges between the two countries. Tunisia has looked to Indonesia as a model for the successful implementation of an open and peaceful system in a Muslim-majority country. Given Tunisia’s recent assumption of the UN Security Council rotational presidency, Indonesian delegates could use this opportunity to discuss mutual security concerns.

Tunisia will most likely seek consultation on how to best assist in stabilising its war-torn neighbor Libya, using Indonesia as a model for leveraging international organisations for domestic objectives. A future Tunisian parliamentary delegation to Indonesia is also expected.

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