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Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania to commence


Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania to commence

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

The Lublin Triangle and Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine will meet today in Warsaw.

Established in 2005, the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly aims to facilitate the European integration of Ukraine, including increased interstate cooperation around mutual security, economic development and humanitarian issues. The Lublin Triangle initiative—established in July 2020 by the three countries—focuses primarily on the development of their economic and security ties to counter Russian aggression in the region.

Today’s meeting occurs against the backdrop of a regional migrant crisis allegedly instigated by Belarus and a recent Russian troop build-up on its border with eastern Ukraine. On Tuesday, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko stated that Crimea is “de jure Russian”— vowing to stand by Russia amidst tensions with Ukraine.

Therefore, expect this weekend’s agenda to prioritize border security and increase coordination of military exercises with Ukraine to help preserve its territorial integrity. Having conducted its first joint ground exercise in western Ukraine in July, expect the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade (LitPolUkrBrig) to increase and coordinate ground force exercises in Ukraine in an effort to deter a potential Russian offensive. Concurrently, the assembly will likely discuss the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to migrant camps on their borders with Belarus.

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