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Interior ministers from European Union states to discuss migrant distribution deal


Interior ministers from European Union states to discuss migrant distribution deal

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Today, representatives from France, Germany, Italy and Malta will present to the Council of Ministers and Home Affairs in Luxembourg a temporary system that evenly distributes the influx of migrants coming into Italy and Malta.

The Dublin regulation—the current EU law that determines which member state is responsible for examination of asylum applications—has come under criticism for burdening receiving nations, namely Spain, Greece, Italy and Malta. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has staunchly opposed the proposal and has organised a coalition of Central European countries that will likely abstain from the program.

This temporary solution would mitigate the frequency and duration of migrants being held at sea or ports of entry. However, critical areas of contention—such as migrant reception on a rotational basis—will impede any agreement on a permanent resolution.

Many on the far right, such as Orban, claim that no legislation presented has addressed what they see as cultural and economic ramifications of migration. In contrast, those to Orban’s left, such as Macron, argue that only bipartisan solutions will curb the host of problems that have arisen. No long-term solution is likely to be reached in the near future.

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