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International Transport Forum to begin observing 77th ESCAP Summit


International Transport Forum to begin observing 77th ESCAP Summit

Photo: International Transport Forum

The International Transport Forum will today begin observing the 77th session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

ESCAP convenes yearly and brings together 53 member states representing 4.1 billion people across Asia and the Pacific to increase regional economic development and coordinate multilateral cooperation. This virtual session, entitled Building Back Better in Asia and the Pacific, will place special emphasis on sustainable post-pandemic economic development.

Expect ESCAP to place particular focus on recovery in developing landlocked and Pacific island states, which experienced extraordinary economic fallout from the pandemic and are the most affected by climate change. onto this end, the conference will focus on GDP diversification and infrastructure improvements to stimulate growth. Many of the nations in this category rely on agriculture as their primary economic output and, as such are key targets of the commission’s economic diversification goals. Additionally, though energy infrastructure in landlocked and Pacific island nations has seen marked improvements since 2017, more work is needed to guarantee citizens reliable access to electricity. As such, the commission is likely to prioritize projects improving electrical grids and developing sustainable energy infrastructure to increase self-reliance.

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