Iraqi PM visits Moscow

Iraqi PM Al-Sudani meets Russian President Putin | Photo: Sputnik/Sergei Bobylyov/Pool via REUTERS

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani today visits Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two-day trip coincides with Russia Energy Week, where Iraq’s Prime Minister will speak.

Iraqi-Russian relations have strengthened recently, with the two states last week signing an anti-corruption agreement. In the same week Putin reiterated Russia’s strong desire to invest in transport and energy projects across Iraq.

Expect to see greater economic and political cooperation between Iraq and Russia going forward, as for Iraq, prioritises domestic development, stability and productive diplomacy. The Arab State is not looking to pick sides in international disputes, as evidenced by its ongoing negotiations with the US to develop a long-term defence partnership, as well as its continued denunciation of Russia’s war.

Since Al-Sudani’s leadership began last year, Iraq has worked with regional powers Turkiye, Iran, Jordan and the Gulf states to develop domestic infrastructure. Now Iraq seeks economic cooperation with major global players. At this exciting juncture in Iraq’s development, realpolitik and nuanced diplomacy seem the priority. An Iraq ingratiated within the regional and global economy, focused on relationship-building across geopolitical divides, and practicing the policy of balance in foreign relations should result in greater domestic and regional stability.


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