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Keitele Group workers to begin 3-week strike


Keitele Group workers to begin 3-week strike

Keitele Group
Photo: Keitele Group

A group of employees from the Finnish mechanical wood processing company Keitele Group will today initiate a three-week strike.

The firm has allegedly refused to take part in the negotiations over terms and conditions of employment, leading the Industrial Union of Finland to interpret the matter as a move against the well-established labor union.

In today’s strike—which will occur in Eastern Finland—hundreds of protesters will march under police surveillance to speak out against the firm’s refusal to acknowledge the demands of the Industrial Union. While the firm may initially hesitate to capitulate to the demands of the protestors, it will likely eventually strive to find a means of reconciliation during the medium-term with the hope of ending the nationwide protests. While this move will end the discontent briefly, expect the Finnish public—especially the liberal circles that advocate for a better working environment—to begin to question the controversial labor laws in the country, likely pressuring the Finnish government to take action.

It is highly likely for this event to prompt to Finnish government to implement regulations during the medium- to long-term that could require large firms to meet specific employment standards within their workforce.

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