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Latvian governing coalition to restart cabinet reshuffle negotiations


Latvian governing coalition to restart cabinet reshuffle negotiations

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Latvia’s coalition government will resume cabinet reshuffle talks today following yesterday’s municipal elections.

Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins’ government is currently formed from four parties: Karins’ New Unity Party, the New Conservative Party, Development/For! and the National Alliance. A fifth coalition partner, right-wing populist KPV LV, was ejected following a June 2 coalition restructuring.

The June 5 elections serve as an early indicator of the public’s mixed satisfaction with Karins’ coalition government before the October 2022 parliamentary elections. The removal of KPV LV, whose polling numbers recently slid, eliminated the coalition’s one weak link. If election results show the reshuffled coalition losing local seats and positions, it will indicate waning nation-wide support for the group, which has been criticized for its COVID-19 response.

Expect the cabinet reshuffle to be a direct response to the coalition’s election performance. The most politically sensitive position is that of Health Minister Daniels Pavluts of Development/For!. As in many EU countries, slow vaccination rates remain a point of public frustration. Should the coalition’s numbers fall, especially those of Development/For!, expect Karins to replace Pavluts to reenergize public support before 2022’s parliamentary elections, likely with an MP from National Alliance or his own New Unity party.

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