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Liberal Democrats to kick off the UK’s autumn party conference season


Liberal Democrats to kick off the UK’s autumn party conference season

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Today, the UK’s Liberal Democratic Party will kick off its autumn party conference in Bournemouth. Convening over two days, Brexit will be the main focus.

With parliament determined to force PM Boris Johnson to extend the October 31 Brexit deadline, Johnson on Monday lost a second vote to hold a snap election.

Lib Dem members will use this weekend’s conference to vote on whether to officially advocate for the UK to remain in the EU. With Lib Dem lawmakers making up less than 3% of the parliament, though, the expected passing of the vote will not have any significant effect on Brexit proceedings.

However, the possibility garnered some attention, as opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a general election before May 2022 and proposed a second Brexit referendum.

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Labour has refused to vote for a snap election until a no deal Brexit is taken off the table, meaning a Brexit extension from PM Johnson is likely. However, both Johnson and Corbyn are eager for an early election—expect such a national vote to occur in the near future, and the prospect of a second referendum to dominate discussion.

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