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Nationwide protests expected against military overthrow of Sudan’s government


Nationwide protests expected against military overthrow of Sudan’s government

Nationwide protests against military overthrow of Sudans government expected
Photo: AFP

Civilian resistance groups in Khartoum are launching nationwide protests today against the military’s overthrow of Sudan’s government.

Last Monday, the Sudanese Armed Forces, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, launched a coup against Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, threatening the democratic transition that has been in place since 2019. After this week’s coup, international support has declined rapidly, including the US putting on hold a $700 million economic assistance package, with the EU considering similar measures. The World Bank also announced the freezing of $2 billion in aid. The Gulf countries and Egypt have long supported Sudan with economic and financial assistance, including a promise after the 2019 coup of $3 billion in aid. However, their support is not enough to match Western aid.

If the EU pulls their support, Egypt and the Gulf states are likely to increase their assistance, aiming to keep Burhan and the military in control. However, given that 82 percent of the country is categorized as ‘poor’ by the World Bank, aid will have to come from the West. In the medium-term, the West will push against the Gulf Countries and Egypt’s efforts to sustain their support for Burhan and isolate the military.

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