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Nigerian President Buhari to visit Ogun State


Nigerian President Buhari to visit Ogun State

Ogun State
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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will pay an official visit to the southwestern Ogun State today.

The President is expected to inaugurate select infrastructural projects sponsored by State Governor Dapo Abiodun and will arrive first at the Gateway City Gate Monument Park to commission it as the first project. Other projects to be inaugurated throughout the day include an expressway and two housing estates.

The event will be highly regulated with strict COVID-19 protocols, especially as Omicron cases continue to rise in Nigeria.

This will be the first time that President Buhari has visited Ogun State in nearly three years, marking the success of the State governor’s administration to reignite the Ogun economy and reintegrate the State into the surrounding region.

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Known as the industrial capital of West Africa, financial success in the Ogun State is key to advancing Nigeria’s dominating economy, the largest on the continent. As such, expect stronger relations between President Buhari and Governor Abiodun, as well as augmented federal investment in Ogun State infrastructural projects. Much like the Ogun State Economic Transformation Project approved by the government in February 2020, the state will develop both its agricultural and vocational education sectors to bolster post-pandemic recovery in Nigeria.

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