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North and South Korea begin ground survey of potential railway links


North and South Korea begin ground survey of potential railway links

north south korea railway
north south korea railway
Photo: AP

Today, North and South Korea will launch a field survey of potential train routes, the first step in relinking the countries’ railway systems since the Korean War.

Five months since Pyongyang’s vague pledge to denuclearise during the Kim-Trump summit, an impasse continues to prevent tangible progress—Korean missile bases are still active and US sanctions remain in place.

Regardless, the Korean peninsula is inching ever closer to peace. Of more than two dozen reconciliation agreements, the Koreas have already completed a third and are on track to meet the deadlines of several more by the year’s end.

While such progress is beneficial for short-term regional stability, the Korean War remains Washington’s primary justification for troops on the peninsula. If a peace treaty arises between Pyongyang and Seoul, the US would lose a major bargaining chip, potentially derailing nuclear negotiations in the long-run.

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Photo: Niall Carson / Associated Press

Although the US is wary of such a possibility, there is little President Trump can do save maintaining international sanctions. While that may prevent the completion of some economic cooperation, if the North and South continue this trajectory, a peace treaty is likely not too far off.

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