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Pakistan appeals to Kashmiris on Independence Day after India revokes Article 370


Pakistan appeals to Kashmiris on Independence Day after India revokes Article 370

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Photo: The Quint/Shadab Moizee

Pakistan will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day today as tensions continue to simmer in the Kashmir Valley.

The Indian government revoked Article 370 of its constitution on August 5, and with it terminating the special status and statehood granted to the Indian-occupied Kashmir region. Phone and internet services have been cut in the region, with 35,000 military and para-military troops stationed there—a preemptive move to head off any protests that may turn violent.

In response, Pakistan has suspended bilateral trade and diplomatic relations with its neighbour. Islamabad has also expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri population by issuing official Independence Day logos bearing the motto “Kashmir Banega Pakistan”: “Kashmir will become Pakistan”.

On August 6, Pakistan tried to call on the UN and the US and China individually to oppose New Delhi’s resolution. While the US has maintained neutrality, China has condemned Indian actions regarding its sovereignty in the Ladakh region. Russia has deemed the action an Indian domestic issue.

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The revocation of Article 370 has opened Jammu and Kashmir to economic development under Indian purview because non-Kashmiri population can now buy property in the region. With an independent legislature, it is likely that in the medium term local and national authorities will find a policy development path promoting this end.

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