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Peace talks between Sudanese government and rebels to conclude


Peace talks between Sudanese government and rebels to conclude

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Peace talks between Sudan and a faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) are due to end today in Juba, South Sudan. 

The participating Al Hilu faction has engaged in a three-way conflict with the Sudanese government since 2011 (currently a Transitional Government since 2019) and the rival Agar faction of the SPLM-N since 2017. Al Hilu insists on a future secular Sudanese state, an objective enshrined in current negotiations when the Transitional Government and Al Hilu signed a declaration of principles on March 28. 

The prospects for a deal are stable, with no significant disagreements in recent weeks. However, uncertainty remains over how Al Hilu’s deal will affect Agar’s separate negotiations with Khartoum. Al Hilu seeks civilian oversight over a future Sudanese military incorporating rebel and militia groups into it. Agar’s agreements to date, and Khartoum’s deals with other rebel groups, do not emphasize civilian oversight. Khartoum’s deal with Al Hilu–one of the last major rebel hold-outs–into the tent is a major milestone ahead of the democratic transition to elections later this year. However, should the proposed reforms continue the military’s dominance at the expense of civilian government, Al Hilu may boycott the elections. 

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